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HolyPvP Network


About Toxicity: Starting from the October update, we will be placing more emphasis on blocking different types of toxicity. Any racist, sexist, misogynistic, or discriminatory behavior conducted within HolyPvP will be penalized. HolyPvP is a server created for the community, and we do not believe that such behaviors are positive for gameplay or for the well-being of our players. HolyPvP will be a safe place to play for all players to enjoy.

About Hacked Clients: We are aware that Hacked Clients have been, are, and will be in Minecraft, especially in the versions of Minecraft that Holy operates on. It's a problem for which a functional solution has never been devised. On our end, if we detect that a player is using an unauthorized modification, they will be penalized. The use of AutoClicker or Butterfly Clicking is discouraged and could also result in a penalty from our AntiCheat system. We encourage the use of modpacks like Lunar Client ( or similar clients without external modifications.


Strikes: Our Squads  and Kitmap server have a Strikes system for factions. These strikes are imposed by the Staff to the factions based on user reports and staff spectating. Below is the Strikes format we have in place for different types of cheating.

Any abuse of bugs/glitches* = 1 Strike.
• DTR Evading = 1 Strike.
• Allying / Truce / Clean = 1 Strike.
• Ban Evading = 1 Strike.
• Cheating = 1 Strike.
• Kill Boosting = 1 Strike + removal of the boosted points.
• Playing with disqualified members = 3 Strikes. (Disqualification)
• Playing in multiple factions = 1 Strike.

First strike: 25% of the points will be removed.
Second strike: 50% of the points will be removed.
Third strike: 100% of the points will be removed = DISQUALIFICATION.

Clarification: Strikes are cumulative, meaning that if you have one strike when another strike is applied, they will be added together, resulting in 2 strikes or however many infractions there are. "Clean" whilst in a fight is illegal. While being f top, you cannot play with disqualified members. If you get disqualified from the f top and create another faction to compete for the f top, you will be disqualified from the new faction regardless of whether the members are the same or not. F top prizes will be awarded to the person who holds the leader position before the start of EOTW (End of the World event). You can only compete for one F top prize; creating two factions will lead to disqualification from both. If you're unsure whether a technique is legal or illegal, consult a Staff member through the server or Discord


HolyPvP Network is a free, volunteer fan project not affiliated in any way with Minecraft, Microsoft or Mojang. We're proudly affiliated with HolyHosting, a friendly Hosting company born from HolyPvP at 2017. You might acquire your own server at

If you with to contact the Administration Team for any billing issue, or staff abuse reporting you might email us at [email protected]. For normal support please use commands in-game, Discord or TS3.

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